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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am so far behind.....I think I am first!

on this homesteading/self sufficiency path I have chosen for me and my family.

I have been reading a few blogs lately and so many other like minded people have been on this same or similar path for years. This makes me feel so inadequate to even share my stories and excitement over a 25 corn seedlings germinating!. I must seem so amateurish compared to some homesteaders. But I will continue coz I love it and you know - I can learn from them I am sure!

But...  then I question "Are we really making a difference"?

I often think that about my own journey - is what I do honestly making a difference to the whole grand picture. For those that know me I am a 'one drop in the bucket each and soon the bucket is full' kind of girl and take pride if I change one persons life or someone is inspired by what I do and also start doing it, but I often wonder to the big food companies and supermarket chains we are merely a pebble on the road.

Are we self sufficient homesteading community gardeners etc making a difference to the vege/canned food lines they stock? It never looks like it when I meander down the aisles gawking at the 40,000 lines they have on offer. The shelves are never empty (unless there is panic buying due to a natural disaster), the fruit and vege never seem to wane - so are we really just a drop in the ocean?

Then I ask - well does it matter - and I take a walk thru my garden spot something new ....

Our first of many sunflowers 2011

and always come back to "No of course it doesn't. Your life is what you want it to be" - So today is the day I say "YIPPEE to me and my beginnings! I and we will make a difference and not only to the pockets of the big food companies! to our hearts, souls, tummies and health".

A dollar spent today on good organic wholesome food - as close to its natural state as possible - is better than at dollar spent on medication later on down the track.

No GMO's, no artificial pesticides, no herbicides, - the way nature intended it to be.

What do you think? Are the urban gardeners/local organic farmers/CSA's/homesteaders making a difference?
So while you ponder that question and formulate your response I will leave you with your thoughts.

Bye for now

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