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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our New Additions!

First one - Its our Vege Table - and how wonderful does it look. Not the most ideal location - backing up against the water tanks - but it is the flattest bit of land we have anywhere near my veggie patch. It is also shaded by a lovely big gum tree in the hottest part of the day - which we will more than welcome in the summer time. We picked it up from the Trash n Treasure Market (the Tip Shop) on Friday! We are stoked.

Vege Table
And we loved it so much we had to have our BBQ lunch down there and celebrate with a beer and a lovely glass of red.  Hats off and into it. (Before you call the authorites - my kids had water - twas only hubby and I that enjoyed a glass).

Our first lunch - including the dog waiting for the chop bones!
But we didn't slacken off. We had had such a busy morning preparing a spot to grow some clucker tucker (hoping to get a bit more variety into our ladies diets)

First planting of clucker tucker
while I planted about another 30 bean seeds, 5 cucumber and about 5 zucchini seeds. I am really looking forward to summer pickings and I hope my followers are too. I already have 9 beans germinated 2 cucumbers and 3 zucchinis so fingers crossed they will be producing in a couple of months well enough to go on the for sale list.
Here is a seedling of one of the Dragon tongue bean varieties. We are trying something different - putting them straight into some pretty rough ground/mulch so we will see how they go - the pH was ok!

Dragon Tongue bean seedling - Sept 11, 2011
Now the other things we got up to was I dug up my first few potatoes which we are over the moon about - but hoping the rest will produce a few more than this!

Sebago spuds lifted Sept 11, 2011
And hubby made me "Ned" the composter. We called him this as he kinda resembles an Aussie bush outlaw gangster baddy that we all seems to love! and we are hoping we love our Ned just as much. Now to find some materials to put into him coz by the size of him - he is very hungry!

Ned the compost bin

All in all we have had a fantastic day in our patch. I have so many other things popping up - about 25 corn, 4-5 spaghetti squash and a watermelon or two - but my pride and joy is this whopper pumpkin picked a day or so ago - WE BREED THEM BIG IN QUEENSLAND. (its a Gramma variety)

our biggest pumpkin to date

Till next time - Bye for now


  1. I love that compost bin :-) and that is the hugest pumpkin I think I've ever seen!!

    1. Hi Mrs B, thanks - yes, our compost bin Ned is fantastic! and we had about 4 of those massive pumpkins and our vines never die! so this season we have at last 3 very large gramma's on it already. I love growing our own food and want more of it.!

  2. Yeah I love the compost bin as well!!!

    1. Thanks Wendy. He is a huge help - although getting the lovely dirt out of the bottom is a bit difficult! and we can't turn the compost over so we may have to abandon him and go back to the standard 3 sheets of tin! All good tho our garden is thriving.