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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Self Sustaining Lifestyle v's Gross!

Well the deed is done.... our 5 free chickens from our son's prep school all turned out to be roosters and as they are really only good for eating then that is precisely what we shall do with them.

Today was the day.....for the chop chop chop (I know wrong animal!!)

Last year when we lopped 8 roosters on the head it was done during school hours so that the boys didn't have to feel compelled to watch. But well, time got away from us yesterday and so today was the day.

Our 8 and 6 year old sons lined up to 'help'... then Mr 6 decides he doesn't want to watch and meh, do you mind if I don't put my hand inside either? but I will help you pluck the feathers out.... Mr 8 watches the first chop and well lets say he didn't offer to swing the axe for the next 4!.

On to plucking??? not the same as pluka duck off Hey Hey let me tell you! They did one small handful and said "gross it smells like jacko!" (which for those that don't know is our little fluffy dog!). Mmmm, I think that is an idication the dog needs a bath!. lol

The gutting was then watched by the boys from behind closed doors!! and in the end the question was asked "When would you boys like roast chicken" and to our absolute amazement - the answer was 'tonight'!!

I love the feeling of being as self sufficient as we can in this modern - fast food era that we live in. It reminds me of what one chicken farmer said in the movie "Food Inc" - driving past these smelly chicken feedlots and he says "Smells like money to me". Well let me tell you I just saved myself $50 by growing my own so it smelt like money to me too.! (Mine is hormone and antibiotic free tho!).

Not the most glamorous job in the world - but as glad as I am for it have been done - it is very satisfying at the same time. Just need to get the boys to stop being princesses and help out a bit more next time :)

Bye for now

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