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I am happily married and have two very rough and tumble boys. I have ideals of self sufficiency and low impact. My favourite passtime is growing veggies, reading books on all kinds of topics, finding out about how things impact earth and your body.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am finally online!

Well as my title suggests - Here I Am - It has taken me ages to get around to starting this blog and each time I take a picture of something growing in my garden or a delish meal I have prepared for my family I think to myself "Self, start that blog and have your own little 'show and tell' online".  And well.... I'm doin it!

I have chosen a name for my blog that best describes us - my family!. It is an acronym of GREEN which is how we try and live.   

I live on acreage (with my hubby and 2 boys) on the outskirts of a capital city in Australia - I know - how lucky are we? We absolutely love it - perched on top of a hill with views of a lake, the city but the peace and quiet of rural living.

Our dream is to live as sustainably as possible- {well as best as we can in this modern, throw away, must have, materialistic, oil addicted, fast paced, overworked society we live in!}...haha!! Mrs Negativity!! to eat seasonal produce (hopefully grown ourselves) and to eat food grown as locally as possible. I don't profess to ever want to try the "100 mile diet" like that a couple did in Vancouver a while back! but if we can keep to within our state or even within Australia I would be ok with that!

Hopefully I will show you how easy it can be to start doing a few greener things, plant a small garden and it maybe just turning the tv off at the wall - but as we are all part of the same planet - every little bit will help.

I can't wait to show you around my place in the very near future but I must go and collect my kids from school so it is Bye for now.

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  1. Congrats BW a great introduction and i cant wait for the pics n tips.