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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From fences to fake hawks!

A few weeks ago I went down to my veggie patch and discovered that some 'beast' had decided to destroy 5 of my young broccoli!

I was devastated! How can I be self sufficient when things get attacked like that? Plus I had no idea what it was that did it. I decided it was wallabies as they kind of looked like they had nibble marks in them and I presumed they would have strong enough teeth/jaws to get through the stalks (some where as fat as an adult thumb).
Anyway, I thought I can't sustain 'stock' loss like that and I can't sleep down there and shoo them away! (lol, would like to see that), so the only other thing to do was build a boundary fence!.
So my dear beloved husband built me a fence to keep the wallabies out. He also chucked in a couple of scare witches to keep the birds out (just incase it actually was birds!).
I must say, I love the boundary. It gives me ownership of a piece of land to do what I want instead of meandering all over the place! I already have plans with what I want to do in the rest of the area!

But then...
A few days later a few of my lush sunflowers were pecked off! They didn't have lovely big yellow and black heads yet - but they pecked off the stalk way down low so they won't grow. I was devastated! We had laboured and paid a pretty price for this fence and it appeared we weren't dealing with a pesky wallaby at all! it had to be birds....
Well.... to my dismay, yesterday I went down to pick some produce and check everything out more sunflowers, a couple of snow pea plants, two of my kale AND most of my lettuce plants were decimated.
AND TO TOP IT OFF - they don't eat the produce - they peck it and leave it on the ground and I really don't like waste!

I won't put what expletives I came out with but good ol (and I say old coz it was his birthday yesterday!) hubby to the rescue again. Rigged up two cross ropes and we googled crows eating sunflowers! and found these 'fake' hawks that you put up and the other birds see it and fly away.

Guess what? they work :) - in fact they work so well even our little fluff nut Jacko is scared of them. 
So at this stage we are back to happy gardeners and its bye for now

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