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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tomorrow I get to listen!

To Joel Salatin - the owner of Polyface farm in the USA. He is a truly inspirational farmer. Believes in the organic way!

He has salad bar beef! how yummy are they. Chooks follow the cows and do their stuff including lay eggs! Pigs to root up the land. He has no need for external fertilizer or modified grain to feed his animals...

To be honest it is what I do instinctively and probably alot of other back yard growers - sans the beef and meat chickens tho. I do run normal egg laying hens and the odd roosters (as I just wrote about culling a few days ago), but to go into cattle, pigs and chickens in the way he is - would be impossible on my little acreage which is a bit sad.

Oh how I dream for a real farm!

I will let you know just how inspirational I find him over the weekend and maybe let you into some secrets. He could be my new best friend!

I honestly cannot wait....

PS - while I am waiting! we are having roast beetroot, steamed broccoli, cauli and silverbeet from our garden with our dinner tonight. I think I am doing ok!

Bye for now

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